Your Workflows, Optimised.

Hi, I am Vikas.

I streamline and automate processes

I've built custom workflows for organisations of all sizes and across many industries. I've spent over 3500 hours building processes using Airtable and other SaaS tools. I believe that having an efficient workflow shouldn't be reserved for big companies with the budget to hire IBM, SAP, or Oracle.

With these tools, we could quickly prototype an MVP, build a customer portal or deploy a production-ready workflow. Take a look at the projects below to see how these tools have helped my clients.

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A small selection of projects I've delivered recently.

My Process Approach

  On average, my clients save over 400 hours per month through eliminating inefficiencies.


Interview stakeholders to understand pain points and requirements.


Identify possible solutions and narrow them down to meet the users' needs.


Iterate among implementation, feedback, and improvement to meet performance target.


Train teams, develop knowledge bases, SOPs, workflow diagrams, and provide long-term support.

About Me

A Toronto-based project manager and workflow consultant. I love to fix processes, make MVPs and deploy fast. I derive my knowledge from an extensive set of experiences spanning across half a dozen countries, and as many start-ups.

  • Workflow Development

    Delivered over a dozen workflow projects using the best no/low-code tools out there.

  • Process Improvement

    Over two years delivering projects and streamlining processes for organisations in real estate, education, marketing, etc.

  • Project Manager (PMP)

    Over five years of experience setting up PMO processes, delivering projects, and managing high-performance teams.

What Clients Say

  • Vikas did a great job for us! He really took the time to understand what we needed and what would work best for us.

    - David

  • Dedicated, Patient and easy to work with. If he does not know it, he goes and figures it out.

    - Mansoor

  • Vikas is at another level. He combines a unique brand of professionalism and openness that has allowed us to get our Airtable database up and running in very short order.

    - Mike

  • Highly recommended for any of your airtable needs! Vikas got everything done right away.

    - Paul

  • Vikas grasped quickly and perfectly the problematic of our business, drafted a roadmap plan that he followed, and delivered a functional solution. All while staying in budget.

    - Zihad

I've worked with


No-code at the speed of thought

  • Consultation

    I offer free 30-minute consult to discuss how no-code tools can help your business. Ongoing engagements help you map out your processes and tools, identify dependencies, and define your requirements.

  • Development

    Automating large and small tasks. Automations can range from simple workflows that send you an email on a trigger, to more complex workflows that automate most of your organisation's repetitive tasks.

  • Training

    I provide ongoing support for your no-code workflows, onboard new team members, train your teams to automate their own tasks, and researching new tools to ease your pain points.

Tools and Resources

A Selection of Tools I enjoy using for No-Code Development.


Let's get started

  • High Return on Investment

    It usually takes my clients a few weeks or months to realize ROI and start saving over 400 hours per month on average.

  • Custom Workflows

    Your processes and workflows are truly custom. They are designed for your teams using the best apps out there.

  • Minimal Operations Disruptions

    Through the use of multiple tools connected seamlessly, it is possible to add functionality with minimal disruption to your existing workflows.

  • Training and Support

    I choose tools based on your team's preferences. Additionally, long-term support and detailed training documentation are provided.