Hi, I am Vikas

I build lean, streamlined workflows and time-saving automations. I deploy Airtable, Make, and top-shelf SaaS tools.

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About Me

I am Vikas, a Toronto-based Airtable Expert and workflow consultant with a passion for optimizing processes, building MVPs, and implementing rapid solutions.

  • Workflow Development

    I analyse your existing organisational processes, identify bottlenecks and build workflow solutions incorporating databases, interfaces, dashboards, and a variety of automations.

  • MVP Development

    If you have a web based business idea, I'll work with you to build databases, develop prototypes and bring your ideas to reality. With nocode, we can build 5x faster than you can do with a code based solution.

  • Project Manager (PMP)

    As a certified Project Management Professional (PMP), I have over five years of experience in setting up PMO processes, managing complex projects, and leading high-performance teams to success.

My Process Approach

  Clients save 400+ hours/month with streamlined processes and reduced inefficiencies.


Interview stakeholders for a tailored understanding of pain points and requirements.


Assess solutions, choosing the ideal fit for users' needs and workflow optimization.


Collaborate with clients, iterating through implementation, feedback, and refinement to reach performance goals.

Launch & Support

Train teams, develop knowledge bases, create SOPs, workflow diagrams, and provide long-term support.


What Clients Say

  • Diligent, patient, and easy to collaborate with. If Vikas doesn't know something, he's determined to figure it out.

    - Mansoor

  • Vikas operates on another level. His blend of professionalism and openness enabled us to get our Airtable database operational in no time.

    - Mike

  • Vikas quickly and accurately understood our business challenges, devised a strategic roadmap, and delivered a practical solution - all within budget.

    - Zihad

  • Vikas was a clear communicator and highly experienced in no-code tools. His ability to understand the problem and propose innovative solutions was impressive. I highly recommend him.

    - Eric

  • Working with Vikas has been great. We usually try out several people for substantial projects, and Vikas easily stood out as the best choice.

    - Shelby

Discover the Benefits

Elevate Your Business Processes

Unlock the potential of custom workflows and process automation tailored to your unique business needs. With my expertise, you'll see rapid ROI and save hundreds of hours per month.
  • High Return on Investment

    Experience significant ROI within weeks or months, saving over 400 hours per month on average
  • Truly Custom Workflows

    Get tailored processes and workflows designed specifically for your team, using the best tools available
  • Minimal Operations Disruptions

    Seamlessly integrate added functionality with minimal disruption to your existing workflows
  • Training and Support

    Benefit from long-term support, detailed training documentation, and tool selection based on your team's preferences
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