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The Problem

Drowning in Operational Overload?

You began with a clear, passionate vision. Growth brought unanticipated challenges: disjointed workflows, ill-suited databases, and mounting difficulties in user-workflow mapping. You're not moving forward; you're ensnared. The thought of upgrading to a superior tool while juggling daily tasks?
The Solution

From Disarray to Designed Precision

I've successfully untangled businesses from this very chaos. Let's revamp your workflows, optimize databases, and migrate seamlessly with potent no-code tools like Airtable, Make, Bubble, and Softr. From chaos to clarity, inefficiency to insight - transform your operations into a powerful asset.

Hi there, I'm Vikas!

I'm on a mission to level the playing field for smaller businesses against the big players. With over 50 businesses transformed in 4 years, and dedicating 6000+ hours to tools like Airtable, my goal is to make your dreams a reality with the magic of no-code. Let's bridge the gap and elevate your workflows! 🔥

Unique Selling Proposition:

With a cap at 160 hours monthly, I ensure dedicated focus on each project. No more constant searches for a new consultant, or constantly creating issue logs and scope documents — here, you have stability and expertise rolled into one.

Why Partner with Me?

  1. Flexibility: Month-to-month commitments. Adjust or cancel anytime. Just like a part-time employee, without the hassle.
  2. Consistency: This isn’t just a service—it’s a dedicated partnership. You won’t be navigating a revolving door of consultants; you'll be working directly with me.
  3. Transparency: Stay in the loop with real-time progress tracking via Notion and Avion.
  4. Tailored Training: Benefit from onboarding that's tailored to fit your team's unique needs and challenges.
  5. Prompt Delivery: Count on a steadfast <4-working-day turnaround, ensuring responsive and effective solutions at every step.

Workflow Consulting on Call!

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Your Blueprint to Streamlined Success

In today's business landscape, mastering processes is vital. We offer a clear, efficient roadmap to transform your operational maze.
  • 1

    Deep-Dive Discovery

    Dive into the intricacies of your workflows with us. Together, we'll decode responsibilities, timelines, and mechanisms, turning disjointed operations into a harmonized dance.
  • 2

    Base Design

    Not just a base, but a fortress. We factor in workflow intricacies, user requirements, and data interrelationships to lay down a rock-solid database foundation.
  • 3

    Craft & Automate

    With tools like Make and Zapier, we'll breathe life into your workflows. Every automation ensures a seamless, intelligent, and smooth transition from one process to another.
  • 4

    Design & Display

    This is where data becomes art. Using Softr, Airtable Interface, Tableau Dashboards, Bubble, and more, we create intuitive dashboards, interfaces, and frontends. Every user gets a tailored experience, making data interaction a delight.
  • 5

    Seamless Transition & Support

    We ensure a flawless handover. Through rigorous testing, documentation, comprehensive onboarding, and ongoing support, your operations aren’t just enhanced – they’re empowered.

I add to your No-Code Arsenal

Workflow Design: Proper Backlogs, Agile Project management, user-centric story maps.
Migrate from Airtable: Due to recent pricing updates, you migh want to switch to Postgres + open source frontends.
Database Design: Build adaptable data structures that grow with your team. Airtable, Postgres, Firebase etc
Airtable Overhaul: Switch from spreadsheets to dynamic databases such as Airtable, Knack, Tadabase etc.
Bubble Boot-Up: Rapid prototyping and mvp for your ideas in real-time using Bubble, Softr, Nocodb etc.
Make / Zapier: Automate manual tasks, build complex automations, optimize workflows and free up your team.
GPT-Powered Workflows: Deploy GPT to your workflows, Chatbots, data parsing, rank lead quality, etc.
Expert Airtable Admin: Your go-to Airtable person for managing ops, and permissions for Business and Enterprise.
Off the shelf components: The best tools out there can be plugged into your existing workflows via APIs.
Migration Management: Migrate across tools such as Asana, Monday, Airtable, Bubble etc
Softr Solutions: Craft purposeful, user-friendly portals/interfaces atop databases.
Custom No-Code & AI Training: Most clients are with me for 6+ months post project closure.

There's more...

I've subscribed to some services, so you don't have to and I make them available to you, fully managed by me.
  • Tableau

    I have the Creator license for this dashboard tool, and can set it up with your Database such that you only need a Viewer License.
  • Coupler.io

    This sync tool allows syncing data from Airtable and other tools to GSheets, Bigquery etc. You only need share the base with me.
  • Make.com

    I have extensive experience setting Make up for business use cases. I also offer fully managed Make accounts, for a monthly fee, payable upfront or via a monthly invoice.


Vikas operates on another level. His blend of professionalism and openness enabled us to get our Airtable database operational in no time.
Vikas was a clear communicator and highly experienced in no-code tools. His ability to understand the problem and propose innovative solutions was impressive. I highly recommend him.
Vikas quickly and accurately understood our business challenges, devised a strategic roadmap, and delivered a practical solution - all within budget.
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